This visa subclass covers a wide range of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Invited Participants: For individuals invited by an Australian organization to participate in events, conferences, or activities.
  • Sporting Activities: For athletes, coaches, or sports officials participating in high-level sporting competitions, training, or trials.
  • Entertainment Industry: For individuals in the entertainment industry, such as actors, film crew, and musicians performing or working in Australia.
  • Religious Work: For religious workers who want to engage in religious work or activities.
  • Research Activities: For academics or researchers participating in research projects.
  • Special Program Activities: For those involved in government-endorsed programs, such as the Seasonal Worker Program or the Pacific Labour Scheme.
  • Superyacht Crew: For crew members working on superyachts.
  • Exchange Programs: For participants in youth exchange programs.

The specific requirements, eligibility criteria, and the application process may vary depending on the particular stream of the Subclass 408 visa. Generally, applicants need to be sponsored or invited by an eligible organization, and they should meet health and character requirements.

It’s important to note that the Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) is temporary and typically has a limited duration, which depends on the specific purpose of the visit.

The Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) for Australia has these simple benefits:

  • Multiple Entries: You can come and go from Australia as much as you want while your visa is valid.
  • Temporary Stay: You can stay in Australia for a certain period, usually up to two years, depending on your specific activity or event.
  • Work or Activity: You can do the specific job or activity you applied for in Australia.
  • Family Members: You can often bring your family with you to Australia if they’re eligible.
  • These benefits allow you to visit Australia for various purposes, work in your field, and experience the country. Just remember that the exact rules can vary based on the type of activity you’re involved in.

Visa Applicant Requirements:

  • Short Stay: You should plan to stay in Australia for 3 months or less and have the support of an organization or individual in Australia hosting the event or activity.
  • Sponsorship: You must be sponsored by an approved sponsor who has passed the sponsorship test. Sponsors can be Australian organizations, government agencies, foreign government agencies operating in Australia, sports endorsers, recognized religious charities, and more.
  • Financial Support: You need to demonstrate that you have enough financial support and health insurance to cover your costs and those of your family for the duration of your stay in Australia. This includes bank statements, employment contracts, and assistance from your Australian employer.
  • Activity Criteria: You must meet the criteria of the specific activity or event you’ll be participating in under this visa.
  • Health and Character: You need to provide proof of your health status through health examinations and police certificates showing you have no criminal records.
  • English Proficiency: You must demonstrate functional English proficiency by meeting certain language score requirements in IELTS, TOEFL, or PTE.

Sponsorship Requirements:

Sponsors can be Australian organizations (businesses, non-profits), government agencies, foreign government agencies operating in Australia, sports endorsers, recognized religious charities, organizations with legal businesses in Australia, super yacht captains or proprietors, and organizations operating super yachts.

Financial Background:

You must provide evidence of your financial capacity to cover your expenses in Australia, which may include bank statements, employment contracts, and assistance from your Australian employer.

Health Insurance:

If your country does not have a reciprocal healthcare agreement with Australia, you must have health insurance coverage through the Medicare health scheme.

These requirements are essential for obtaining the Temporary Activity Visa (Subclass 408) in Australia. It’s crucial to thoroughly review and meet these criteria based on your specific circumstances and the purpose of your visit. You can find more information on the official Australian Department of Home Affairs website or consult with a migration expert to ensure you meet all the requirements.