Partner Category Visa:

Under this category, spouses or fiancé/fiancée are permitted to immigrate to Australia for settlement. Applicants coming to Australia with this visa initially receive temporary residency, which can later lead to permanent residency after a couple of years. The partner category includes:

  • Spouses or married partners.
  • Fiancés or fiancées, or partners intending to marry.
  • Willing partners, including those in same-sex relationships.

Immigrant candidates must have a partner who is:

  • A permanent resident of Australia.
  • A citizen of Australia.
  • An eligible New Zealand citizen.

Parent Visa:

Parent visas are offered to applicants who have eligible children residing in Australia as Australian citizens, permanent residents, or eligible New Zealand citizens. These family visas in Australia require sponsorship by children living in the country.

Parent Australian visas are available for both working and aged parents. Applicants under this visa category may take up employment in Australia. Some Parent visas are initially issued for temporary residency, which can later be changed to permanent status through the application process. There is also an option for the ‘Contributory Parent Visa,’ which offers faster processing of immigration at a higher cost.

It’s worth noting that Australian immigration authorities issue a limited number of Parent Visas each year, leading to a queue of applications and potential waiting times.

Work and Activity Restrictions:

  • You must complete your work or activity within 6 months or less.
  • You should not intend to stay in Australia once the visa expires.
  • No training or education courses are allowed on this visa.
  • You cannot work in the entertainment industry, including performing, directing, or producing in Australia. However, attending events like premieres or promoting bands without performing is allowed.

Child Visa:

Similar to the Parent Visa, Child Visas are available under various sub-classes. Generally, a Child Visa must be sponsored by a parent who is a permanent resident of Australia, an Australian citizen, or a qualified New Zealand citizen.

If the child is already in Australia, they can immigrate as a permanent resident, dependent child, or orphaned relative. For offshore candidates, dependent child visas, adoption visas, or orphaned relative visas may be obtained.

Other Family Members:

Brothers, sisters, dependent relatives, and carers may also immigrate to Australia initially on a temporary visa, which can later be changed to permanent status. These family visas in Australia require sponsorship by:

  • Australian citizens.
  • Permanent residents of Australia.
  • Eligible New Zealand citizens.

At Auspicious, we take great care when assessing family visa immigration to Australia. Each application is meticulously reviewed and submitted with the appropriate documentation. Health compliance reports and character certificates are essential documents required for Australia visa applications.

Contact us for all types of family visas, eligibility criteria, and assistance. Consult with us today!

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