You can apply for the Child Visa Subclass 101 if:

  • Your child is sponsored by one of their parents or their parent’s partner.
  • Your child is not married or in a relationship.
  • Your child is younger than 18.
  • Your child is a full-time student between 18 and 25.
  • Your child is 18 or older, can’t work due to a disability, and relies on the sponsoring parent.

Your child can also include their own kids in this visa application.

The child can be sponsored by:

  • A parent who is an Australian citizen.
  • Someone holding an Australian permanent resident visa or eligible New Zealand citizenship.
  • The spouse or de facto partner of the child’s parent can also sponsor the child.

You can also sponsor a child if you are:

  • A step-parent who is no longer with the child’s parent but still legally responsible for the child, and the child is under 18.
  • An adoptive parent who adopted the child before becoming an Australian citizen, permanent resident visa holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen

You don’t have to be in Australia at the time of the application. You can still be a sponsoring parent if:

  • You were in Australia before but are currently outside the country when you apply.
  • You have received your Australian permanent resident visa but haven’t entered Australia yet

If you adopted a child after becoming an Australian citizen, permanent resident visa holder, or eligible New Zealand citizen, you can apply for an Adoption visa (subclass 102).

This visa is all about providing a stable and permanent home in Australia for the child. Here’s what it allows them to do:

  1. Stay in Australia Indefinitely: The child can live in Australia for as long as they like.
  2. Work and Study: They can work and study in Australia, giving them the opportunity to build a life there.
  3. Access Medicare: They can enroll in Medicare, which helps with healthcare costs in Australia.
  4. Apply for Australian Citizenship: If they meet the requirements, they can become an Australian citizen.
  5. Sponsor Family Members: They can also sponsor certain family members to become permanent residents in Australia.
  6. Travel: They can travel to and from Australia for up to five years from the date the visa is granted. After that, they will need another visa to enter Australia.

At Auspicious, we understand the importance of this visa for your child. We not only handle all the paperwork and documentation with care and precision but also help prepare your child for their new life in a new country and environment.

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